Open or Delete? Improving Your Email Marketing Deliverability

email marketingOpen or delete? When it comes to opening your business’ email marketing messages, your consumers have a split-second decision to make. However; before your prospects ever even received that email, you probably spent a good amount of time and energy  making sure it would provide your compay with ROI, and that it was sent to the right audience. With all the spam filters and ability to opt-out, , your company’s email deliverability and visibility is probably always top of mind.

In their latest research search, MarketingSherpa analyzes which tactics business’ are using to improve  email deliverability results. Here’s a look at what made the top five:

  1. Provide an easy unsubscribe process  (62 percent)
  2. Measure and remove hard bounces (51 percent)
  3. Clean up lists regularly (41 percent)
  4. Remove inactive subscribers (39 percent)
  5. Maintain an opt-in only subscriber list (39 percent)

While it may not be surprising that an easy unsubscribe process tops the list, thanks to the CAN-SPAM act, it is worth noting that only 62 percent of businesses are doing this, which means a whopping 38 percent aren’t. If your business isn’t offering an unsubscribe process in your emails currently, this should be your first step before you get marked by an annoyed prospect as “spam.”and find yourself in court.

Another unsettling statistic is that only 39 percent of marketers are maintaining an opt-in only subscribe list. This means that another 61 percent are emailing potential customers who never asked to be emailed in the first place. While this could pay off in terms of a new customer, it could also cost you big time if you get a disgruntled Joe.

When it comes to email marketing, you want to make sure your prospects and customers are clicking the “open” button instead of placing you in the trash. To do this, you need not only an eye-catching message, but a distribution list that includes a willing audience.

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