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Our Pilgrimage on the Internet: Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

thanksgiving traditionsThe pilgrims were adventurers, every day brought new opportunities and new challenges. We are lucky to be involved in a career that brings us opportunities and challenges on a daily basis! Every day is a pilgrimage deeper into the Internet exploring new media marketing and interactive marketing for our clients. But like the pilgrims, we have a lot to be thankful for. Most of all we’d like to say thanks to our friends, family and wonderful clients. The team at mRELEVANCE is looking forward to Thanksgiving, and a day off from typing. This year in honor of the season, we’d like to share our favorite Thanksgiving traditions.

Mitch Levinson – I stand outside for three to four hours frying three birds each thanksgiving so that we have leftovers that last a few months! And, it is the best turkey you have EVER tasted, sorry gran-mama. I really like Cajun fried turkey, cranberry sauce from a can – and of course FOOTBALL!

Carol Flammer – We are hosting 20 at our house for Thanksgiving this year. In the past we have made it a point not to have a kids table because all of us hated sitting there as children. This year we will have three tables. It will be interesting to see where everyone sits, maybe a new tradition will start?

Mirsa Dhori – The number one thing I look forward to is the pumpkin pie. My aunt’s pumpkin pie.

Desirae Johnson – Whether it’s with my mother or mother-in-law, the biggest thanksgiving tradition is cooking a huge meal with a nice glass of wine. If I’m cooking with my mother, then she indulges in the wine too — my mother-in-law, not so much! Luke and I want to start a new tradition of being active after eating this year. I’m thinking about bringing a football and starting a game or making everyone take a walk.

Melissa Bennett – Even though we all know who we are and sit in the same seats as usual, my Grandma sets out place cards on the dinner table that I made when I was like 10—including ones for my uncles that live in California. Even though they aren’t here to celebrate with us, seeing their names on the table kind of makes it feel like they are.

Tracey Labovitz Berkowitz – My kids and I come up with all kinds of things and people that we are thankful for in our lives.

Ben Heisler – My mother’s lima beans are my favorite holiday tradition. We always work limas into the meal somehow, whether it’s on its own or mixed in with something else. Makes a surprisingly good bean & greens, too!

Amanda Winters – Thanksgiving is a busy day for us. We spend the day at several different family members’ homes and get to eat at each of their dinners…then I go Black Friday shopping with my husband and in-laws and we all come home and crash Friday morning around 8 a.m. It’s always tons of fun!

Ben Frame – My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is watching football with my dad, even though Detroit always seems to lose.

Lauren Pond – I really love just being with my family. The best part of the meal is the homemade Apple Pie that my mom makes. It is out of this world.

Justin Doyle – I’d have to go with green bean casserole and fried turkey. If you’ve never tried fried turkey, you’re missing out on the best poultry you’ve ever had!

Ricky White – What I like most about thanksgiving is just knowing that I can relax for most of the day. Food is great, family time is great, but really knowing that there are no major expectations required for the day is prime!

Alex Trayakurau – Our family tradition is family togetherness. Each year we get together to share a meal and special times.

From the entire mRELEVANCE team, “Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family.” What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? We’d love to know. Please share them with us on this post.