Picture This: Facebook Changes Increase Engagement

Facebook With popular photo sharing sites such as Pinterest and Instagram attracting new users and keeping their attention through the power of visuals, it is no wonder that Facebook has decided to follow suit with changes that affect the site’s visual and non visual content. If you are looking for ways to “Rev up Your Social Media,” here’s a rundown of some of the changes you might want to implement

  • Larger Images- According to Mark Zuckerberg, nearly 50 percent of the news feed is comprised of visual content, so changes have been made to allow for much larger images. Users now even have the option to filter their newsfeed to see the content they want, including just photos. This means that brands should be posting high-resolution photos on a regular basis to make sure images are getting seen.
  • Cover Photos- When someone likes your business’ page, the lower half of your cover photo, including your profile picture, will appear in their followers’ newsfeeds with an option for them to like your page as well. This change means that having a good cover photo is more important than ever, so be sure to design one that will attract attention. And, Facebook recently decided that these Cover Photos can be promotional in nature, so promote your company. You can find all the rules on Facebook.
  • Videos Go Full Size- YouTube videos are now displayed/viewed in full sized instead of as little, bitty thumbnails. Like photos, videos have been soaring in popularity, so now is the perfect time to share videos with Facebook followers.
  • Links Get Larger Thumbnails- Links from your blog, outside articles, etc. will now have larger thumbnails associated with them. I’ve always advocated that your blog should be the center of your social media hub, and that all posts should have photos, and this is a perfect example of how they could and should work.
  • Threaded Comments- Facebook has introduced a new “reply” button to page comments, allowing for threaded comments. To turn on the reply feature, visit the “Manage Permissions” in your page settings.

With Facebook making changes on a regular basis, it can be hard to keep up with everything your business should be doing to increase your exposure. This is where Marketing RELEVANCE can help. Our team is constantly staying up-to-date with the latest social media changes, so that we can make sure your online profiles are putting their best foot forward.

If you’re ready to create a comprehensive social media marketing campaign designed for today’s world, contact us today. If you are looking for just a few tips to Rev Up Your Social Media, visit www.MyHomePress.com and buy my new book, “Social Media 3.0.”