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Pinterest Has a Secret

Internet MarketingPinterest, the web’s third most popular social media site, has recently added a new feature called, “secret boards.” This option allows users to create secret boards which are completely private, but still gives them the ability to invite friends to see these boards. Currently Pinterest is testing this feature, but for now they have allowed three secret boards per user.

Secret boards offer individuals and businesses the chance to plan for events (surprise parties, gift ideas, company events, office redecorating, etc.) or other special things that they may not want to share with others right away or ever. When pinning on these boards, none of the pins will show up in your activity anywhere else on Pinterest, including in the category sections, search results and your home feeds. These boards are truly secret, unless you decide to share them.

Pinterest’s secret boards are found at the bottom of the user profile page. When logging into Pinterest a short explanation about this additional feature will pop-up, giving users a quick overview if they have not logged into Pinterest since the change was made. The help section also provides useful information such as how to invite friends to your secret board and how to switch your board from secret to public.

Only the future can tell if these secret boards will become a permanent fixture on the Pinterest site. Who knew sharing secrets with Pinterest could be such a good idea?

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