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Pinterest Pulls in the Reins on Contest Rules

New Pinterest Contest RulesAt its heart, Pinterest is about inspiration. Pinterest users visit the site to pin, explore and share photos that inspire them. Many businesses have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, recognizing the site has great potential for sharing products and content. Businesses have also become very savvy when it comes to running Pinterest contests, requiring contests participants to repin and share their content. However, Pinterest contests have changed because of new contest guidelines that Pinterest has recently released. To find out more about the new guidelines, visit the Official Pinterest Blog —

Here are the highlights of what has changed. Pinterest will no longer allow contests that:

  • Suggest that Pinterest endorses or sponsors the contest or the promotion
  • Require people to pin the contest rules
  • Require people to pin from a particular website or set of pins
  • Require a minimum number of pins
  • Count each pin, board, like or follow as an entry
  • Ask to vote with pins, board or likes
  • Encourage spammy behavior such as commenting

With these new rules, Pinterest will force businesses to be more creative and look at the overall Pinterest user experience when it comes to coming up with a strategy for engagement.

Here are some suggestions on how to run a Pinterest contest that follows the new rules:

  • Create a contest board and a pin with the contest announcement and rules. Instead of requiring that contest entrants repin the contest pin to enter, simply encourage or suggest that they share it.
  • Rather than requiring entrants to pin from a particular website, suggest that they might want to include pins from that website.
  • Ask participants to use a specific tag to enter the contest, for example #explorethemoment.
  • Ask participants to include the corporate page user name in their pin’s description, for example @atlantarealestateforum.

Even with stricter guidelines in place, Pinterest still remains a top social media site for businesses to use to engage raving fans. Contact Marketing RELEVANCE today at 770-383-3360 to get started.