Planning for 2018

10_October_2018PlanningAs we enter the fourth quarter of 2017, its time to start thinking about your strategy for the coming year; if you haven’t already.  Perhaps you had a structured marketing budget for 2017 or maybe you simply conducted various marketing initiatives and approved certain tactics along the way because they seemed to make sense. Either way now is the time to review the results from 2017 and think about new or adjusted goals and/or any changes you need to make to the plan in order to meet your 2018 goals.  An easy way to do this is with a planning survey.

As you start to think about this past year, ask yourself some important questions and address key points so that you can end up where you want to be in 2018. If you can do this, you’ll know that you’re headed in the right direction.  But what types of questions should you ask and what are the key factors to get the process started?  Here are just a few:

  • Address what worked for you this year and what did not
  • Identify Benchmarks and Set Goals
    • What are your revenue projections?
    • Areas of focus
      • Feel free to think about a big area you want to focus on and include a section on your goal planning sheet for that specific area
  • Prioritize and Stack Goals
    • Once you’ve prioritized your goals, you can drill down and set sub goals within them. (For example, if you have a big goal of growing your email list by 50,000 in a year, you need to have some mini-goals, such as webinars for list building, to reach that goal. Make sure you are as specific as you can be related to your goals and how to get there.

At Marketing RELEVANCE we’ve already started the process for you with a pre-plan worksheet.  We have the key questions all ready to go, all you need to do is download our worksheet and answer them.  To view and fill out the Marketing RELEVANCE worksheet, click here.  If you’re interested in speaking with us about helping you with your 2018 plans, no problem. Just let me know and we can fill out the form together, and think about improving your marketing program in 2018 and becoming more a more effective marketer. Contact us at or 847-259-7312.

The first 10 respondents will receive a free 30 minute phone consultation with Mitch Levinson, president of Marketing RELEVANCE, to examine your 2018 marketing plans.