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Plant Your Marketing Garden

It is the time of year that everyone starts thinking about their summer garden and sprucing up their yards. Whether you plant flowers, vegetables or both, what you want to plant has probably been on your mind since the weather has been good enough to start planting. And as you know, in order to have a prosperous garden there are some needed essentials: moist soil, package of seeds, rain and lots of sun.

The concept of thinking about, planning and preparing for your marketing program, when done right will help attract new prospects and entice current clients. Maintaining an attractive website, building and managing you company brand, and marketing to your target audience is just like a growing garden; the more you tend to it and keep it fresh and nurtured, the greater chance you can convert prospects into lifelong clients.

Here are five easy steps to help you increase your marketing presence:

Start by planting the seed to get prospects attention

Creating awareness about your company via your website is the best place to start. The goal of marketing your website is to bring in business and ‘plant’ the seed for a prosperous long lasting relationship. Your website can help you create visual branding that draws in prospective clients. Keep your website updated and fresh is what brings in prospective clients and keeps current clients wanting more of what your team has to offer.

Information keeps the garden growing

Give your prospect valuable information about your company can help grow your relationship. One idea that helps keep the seed planted is setting up an email auto-responder. Plan a schedule so the emails send every 7 to 14 days to keep up engagement. Pick topics that your consumers will find informative and fun but keep them coming back for more.


In order for your garden to grow, you need to give it consistent care such as pulling weeds and watering your plants. The same is true for prospects. It is at this point in the relationship that you want the prospect to feel important and listened to. Continue to send the email autoresponders that engages prospects and markets why you are the best in the industry. Remember to answer any questions or inquires in a timely manner. Don’t let the lead wither!

Great customer service

As you continue to tend to your prospective client with the above efforts, the relationship will grow just like a plant that is nurtured. Keeping your prospect happy and nurtured will help to convert them into a long-lasting relationship.

Show your appreciation

In this last stage of gardening marketing, you need to tend to the client relationship continuously in order for it to keep growing and prospering. These clients will be beneficial in sending new clients your way. Word of mouth and testimonials is the best way to plant the ‘seed’ for new prospects. Remembering special occasions with your clients goes a long way. Sending a Happy Birthday for their website that you developed, send something creative for a birthday are just a couple of ways to maintain that special relationship.

When marketing your brand, it does not happen overnight. It can take time to build that relationship but starting to plant the ‘seeds’ of your marketing garden and tending to it, can lead to new prospects. Remember, keeping your website updated and fresh is what brings in prospective clients and keeps current clients wanting more

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