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Podcasts: Making a Comeback in 2017

girl listening to podcastSocial media in all of its forms served a prominent role at PubCon 2016, the world’s leading digital marketing conference. With the rise of social and visual digital media, podcasts were headed toward a similar fate as printed newspapers, but millennials (sorry, Gen X), seem to be prompting their comeback. Surprise – we actually like talk radio!

Millennials are known for their fast-paced, on-the-go attitudes, so it should come as no surprise that podcasts are something we would enjoy. They automatically download when they become available and make the commute to work more enjoyable.

Podcasts offer an organic, real-life conversation about topics that specifically interest listeners – reality TV, anyone? According to a survey conducted by Edison Research, 38 percent of podcast listeners are millennials, while 71 percent of total listeners tune in via a smartphone, tablet or portable device, a nice increase from the 42 percent in 2013 when computers were the main listening source. The immediacy of smartphones and seamlessly having access to content at their fingertips is a massive contributing factor in podcast’s appeal to millennials.

Additionally, from a marketing standpoint, podcasts serve as excellent promotional material to use on a variety of different platforms that include audio, blogs and even visual aids with infographics or photos of the recording session or activity.

The audio recording can be shared and uploaded to a number of different forums such as BluBrry, Soundcloud, Rainmaker.FM and iTunes. That audio content serves as an excellent source for blog content. Follow-up blogs on podcast interviews/shows can take many unique directions, from word-for-word transcripts to a teaser of information that prompts the reader to actually listen to the podcast.

For example, mRELEVANCE streams Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcasts through BluBrry to iTunes, followed by a follow-up blog posted on That blog post features an embedded URL of that particular episode that can then be shared to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and a daily email newsletter (RSS Feed).

Millennials essentially live on social media – they want immediate answers, news and information, so if you are promoting your podcast on social media, you are on the right track (assuming your target audience is millennials and Generation X).

According to research posted by Social Chorus, when millennials have a great experience or see something funny online, they share it with their friends, instantly. That could be your podcast they are sharing!

Take this readable, listenable content to the next level and add a visual element. There are plenty of excellent free tools (Canva, PicMonkey, etc.) available to create infographics and visual aids to help promote content on more visual platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

While the image might not prompt someone to read the physical content, a catchy headline and/or photo caption could be the enticement necessary for your target audience to actually download your podcasts and tune in. The problem is, they have to be able to find it. The solution? Put it out there!

Social Chorus states that millennials are more likely to trust a friend’s opinion and recommendations versus typical marketing techniques, so never underestimate the power of a ‘like,’ ‘share’ or ‘+1’ on social media.

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To subscribe to Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio’s weekly podcasts, visit iTunes. For information on being a guest on the show, contact Mandy Holm at [email protected] or 770-383-3360 ext. 28.