– a Great Resource for Online Public Relations

Online public relations is a critical building block of your social media marketing program.  There are numerous online PR distribution services ranging from free sites such as PRFree to paid sites such as PR Newswire and Business Wire.  Repositioning traditional press releases with relevant keywords online will help to fill your search results with positive stories; stories that you will be proud for your potential customers to read.  Online public relations is an essential tool for a positive reputation management program.

One of our favorite sites is They have different levels of membership ranging from free to $499/year. The free account enables you to post press releases and job opportunities, while paid memberships give you the opportunity to create a complete business profile and increase online visibility for your company.

Setting up an account is simple, just visit the and click the “Join Now” link in the top right corner. Choose the level of membership that best suits the needs of your business and follow the steps.
Once your account is up and active, start posting your press releases for maximum exposure.

Here’s an example of Bowen Family Homes account.

For more ideas or a consultation on how to intergrate online public relations into your Internet marketing program, contact mRELEVANCE.  Social media optimization is fast becoming the way to optimize web sites.