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PubCon 2014: Part VI: Tips and Tricks for Social Media

Social Media TipsIn Part VI of our PubCon 2014 series, we will discuss some high level thoughts, as well as some quick tips and tricks for the most popular social media platforms:


• Engagement with brand pages has decreased in the last year and is likely to continue to decrease
• The best time to post is between noon and 4 pm
• Retargeting has become a must. However, you may need to throttle it back, don’t be annoying
• Images are a must. They should be used in everything you do
• Boosted posts and Page Ads: If you aren’t willing to spend a little money on sponsored posts and engagement, get out of the game
o When you boost a post, don’t do it from the post where it only gives you general targeting and will be less effective. Go to the backend of the site or power editor and get specific on targeting. You can turn off the right column ads on boosted posts. This box is checked by default. Make your Boosted post the center of attention by eliminating the ads.
• Posting less than once a day is optimal
• Use cover images for publicity and social impact. As we explained in a recent blog post, Cover Photos are the Internet equivalent of a FREE billboard on a major interstate. Why would you pass that up? Change your cover photo monthly, stay on brand, watch size and dimension, make it about the community, think of the mobile experience. DON’T: Use stock images, your logo, be boring, use low res images, or keep the same cover image. To use your cover image to maximum effect: promote a conference or support a cause, feature a new fan, highlight media coverage, or promote a hashtag


• Be more active
• The best time to post is Monday to Thursday, 10 am-3 pm
• Avoid weekends
• Images are a MUST and are best posted from the native application
• Retargeting
• Customer service
• Utilize hootsuite to grab feed from a blog you like and blast it out to your Twitter followers
• Where people with money go to hang out
• Best time to post is Tues-Thurs (No one is on LinkedIn on the weekend!)
• Personal Profile
o 175 Characters: You shouldn’t just have a title. Have a benefit -driven statement (i.e. Carol Morgan/ Managing Partner/ Creating engaging marketing with proven ROI)
o Say something about yourself and then give credibility
o Clean professional headshot. Period.
o Endorsements have no impact
o Your summary should be in the third person
o Publish content!
• Groups
o Discussions: Don’t start them, hijack them


• Production quality has dramatically increased, so you need to have great audio
• Utilize that Next Video feature by making sure your other videos are related, so they come up next automatically.
• Hijack other, larger companies’ streams by mirroring your video keywords to theirs to get a slot in the coveted “Next Video” slot.
• 45 to 90 seconds is optimal length
• Maintain a concise channel
• Low click through
• Wistia is an excellent example of a great Youtube presence


• Authorship is gone
• Use Google+ to support video
• Before 10 am for activity, and your circles do matter
• Posts show up in search results
• Posting content to Google+ gets it indexed faster by the search engines
• Google is paying attention to what we are doing. It is all about delivering personalized search results to Google users.
• Keywords are critical, you have to know everything you can about your customer and how they search.
• Recognize the impact of personalized search. This could be a key to the reason that rankings are not effective for KPIs.


• Saturday is the best day for Pinterest activity
• Infographics will increase reach
• See who is repinning (
• Put the money symbol on the pin with the price
• Pinterest maps: add a map to your boards and pin your locations
• Sharing your boards can help you to show up in the search results on Google. Include keywords in your board name titles
• Get on your phone to see what people see on mobile (hint: it’s only your top 4 boards)
• Remember, people can’t tell how long it’s been since you’ve updated, so there’s less pressure to post daily
• Content on Pinterest has a longer life than other networks
• Use it to see what people are pinning from your and your competitors’ websites
• Pins can drive a lot of content
• More reach and visibility than many other social networks
• Make sure to keep it a clean user experience. Google doesn’t like redirects of redirects


• Now the 4th or 5th largest social media network
• Good for targeting the under 30 age demographic, though they’re not the only group represented
• Share content that is interesting and inspirational to them (For home builders, images of kitchens, cupboards, pantries, decor, etc rather than exteriors or full rooms)
• Hashtags are the only way you can search for content on Instagram, so utilize them.
• An app called Regram, from the App Store, allows you to repost, something Instagram doesn’t do
• Follow your audience and regram their photos and comment on their stuff
• Post Love it or leave it, Do you like this color or that one, and other items to get people commenting
• Smart Automation, typically we don’t suggest automating, but Instagram is an exception. Take these photos and post them other places as well

For information on how to measure your impact on social media, read Part V.