Public Relations and Social Media: Are You Covered?

Pinterest Perfect Model HomeIn this day and age, it has become increasingly important to incorporate a strong social media presence into your company’s marketing efforts. From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram, the options are endless and awaiting your company’s incorporation. One of our clients, Traton Homes, recently succeeded in launching a “Pinterest Perfect Model Home” campaign.

By choosing to use Pinterest as a social media platform, Traton allowed contestants to use their creativity in making their Pinterest Perfect boards, increasing their overall engagement with the company. The media picked up Traton’s campaign to be featured in their daily publications upon exposure to a news release sent out by our public relations team.

The Marietta Daily Journal highlighted Traton and its efforts in early April by explaining the contest, how it worked, and even promoting one of Traton’s new communities, Lafayette Square. The contest was also featured in the Northside and Sandy Springs Neighbor publications, including information about entering the contest and the winning prizes. Not only did this raise awareness about the contest and company, but also increased knowledge about the wonderful features Traton’s communities have to offer.

We believe this is a perfect example of how important a strong social media presence and active public relations efforts are to a company. The two work hand and hand to enhance customer awareness, increase engagement and create positivity toward your company.

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