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Quick To Act: Rebranding a Website

09_September_TPGIt’s important to be agile; to be able to adjust mid-course and come out successful in the end. That’s exactly how Marketing RELEVANCE responded when we were asked to refresh The Providence Group’s (TPG) existing website.

It’s not that the site was now unacceptable in terms of functionality; quite the opposite, in fact. The site was completely redesigned by Marketing RELEVANCE in 2012 and still provided a responsive, enjoyable user experience, but TPG was exploring a brand refresh and they wanted their site to align accordingly. Therefore, they reached out to Marketing RELEVANCE and asked us to revise the front end and we were more than happy to do it.

While working with their branding partner, TPG communicated with Marketing RELEVANCE on a regular basis, conveying their wishes as their new initiative rolled along. Marketing RELEVANCE stood ready to implement changes as they were communicated through the funnel, many times enacting multiple adjustments as the new site launch was to coincide with the brand launch.

One of the most noticeable changes to the site is color. As their rebrand incorporates a classic concept they wanted a color scheme that played off this attribute. Muted, neutral tones in blues and greys were chosen to provide a palette of pride and timelessness. However, once the new color palette was revealed it was realized that the true colors were not web friendly. As a result, closely related hues were researched, chosen and approved by The Providence Group before relaunch.

Map icon sets were revised and modernized using additional web friendly pigments that enhanced and supported the rebrand. Text styles were additionally refreshed and a comparable issue as with the web hues was found with one of them. Marketing RELEVANCE investigated similar web friendly font styles, again achieving desired results.

Kelly Fink, Vice President of Marketing and Online Sales for The Providence Group, shared with us that she is very pleased with the new look. “It’s exactly what we were hoping for. It aligns with our new brand perfectly. Marketing RELEVENCE worked with us as we navigated our new branding effort and met all our expectations with the website refresh.” While the newly branded site was only launched a few weeks ago, the page views have been steady and the reaction, positive.

Being a small and flexible marketing agency, Marketing RELEVANCE was able to break down the specific tasks that The Providence Group needed and devote our expertise accordingly. As such, we can provide turnkey marketing solutions, or drive a specified need. What can we help you with today? Contact us at 847-259-7312 or .