Ramp Up Your Social Networking with LinkedIn

Is your LinkedIn page looking a little rough around the edges? Maybe you created it and then haven’t really thought about it much since. Or, maybe you’re constantly updating your profile and adding new connections. Either way, there’s always something more you can be doing with the site. LinkedIn is a growing, powerful professional networking tool when used effectively.

Here are a few tips to give your LinkedIn profile a little boost:

  • Give connections the axe. Adding new connections is always a good thing, but sometimes an old connection needs to go. To remove a connection, simply select “contacts” from the main menu. On the far right, you’ll see two options to either add or remove connections.
  • Customize your page. Having your own, custom URL is important when trying to direct people to your LinkedIn profile. To customize your URL, click “profile” and then edit profile from the main menu. In the window that shows your public information, you will see a public profile url and an option to edit it. This is great for SEO for your name. Just Google Mitch Levinson or Carol Flammer if you want to see how this works.
  • Become anonymous. LinkedIn is great for researching competitors, business prospects and more, but you don’t always want people to know you’ve been looking at their page. To make your profile anonymous, choose “settings” from the main menu and then privacy controls. You can then change what others see when you’ve viewed your profile. Once you’re done snooping, be sure to change your settings back.
  • Prove your skills with projects. The Projects section allows users to showcase specific skills or projects they have worked on. What makes this function even cooler is the ability to add a relevant URL and team members. You can add projects by clicking “add sections” on your edit profile page.
  • Feed your profile. Does your WordPress blog have an RSS feed? Add it to your profile by clicking more from the main menu and then selecting applications. Select the WordPress application, add the link to your feed and voila!

Of course, these are not all of the cool features that LinkedIn has to offer. If you’re interested in learning more LinkedIn tips, need help with your LinkedIn profile or have questions about social media, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.