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Marketing Services Interest Survival Workshop

I attended the Survival Workshop this morning at the Gwinnett Center.’s Vice President @MaxPigman kicked off the half-day seminar. This was certainly a don’t miss for agents looking for basic knowledge of how to incorporate new technologies into their sales and marketing programs and it was a great refresher for those already using social networking and other technologies in their day-to-day routines.

@GinnyVB and @MattFagioli were also in attendance. Many of you may have already seen my event Tweets @AtlantaPR, but for those that weren’t following along this morning AND for those who have not yet embraced Twitter, here is a recap of my Tweets! If you ever want to quickly identify the mRELEVANCE team’s Tweets, check the hashtag #relevance.

“Has the market stabilized?” Is the number 1 clicked on link at

Think about your answer to “how’s the market?” This is an opp to tell people that it is the most opportunistic market you’ve seen.

Smile – sign in front of most telemarketers. Think about positive attitude!

By May 2009- 800,000 first time buyers had already taken advantage of the $8000 tax credit #nar
(#nar is my way of attributing this data to the National Association of REALTORS)

60-percent of last month’s home sales were to first-time homebuyers.#nar

We must track where our business is coming from in order to know where to spend marketing $$$
(Check out Mitch Levinson’s post on Internet Tracking, What Your Web site Visitors are Telling You, we are passionate about tracking and proving ROI)

Forrester Research shows 3 in 4 (75%) of US adults use social tools to connect compared with 56% in 2007.
(it is interesting to note that within minutes of Tweeting this, Forrester Research was following me on Twitter!)

78% of all social media users are on Facebook. Last quarter large growth on Facebook in 55 and older group.

Have you thought about setting up Community pages on Facebook?

Share your life outside of real estate on Facebook.

Send potential buyers to your linkedin page for online reviews and referrals. allows you to search words on Twitter
(This includes searching your own name to see who is following you. Maybe this is how Forrester found me so fast?)

Itunes has taken over, they are the world’s largest retailer of music.

Podcasts are free to upload into itunes system and you can add photos and video.

Of course, this is just a sampling of today’s seminar which covering tech tools, new technologies, market statistics and much more. Thanks Max for coming to Atlanta!