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Recap: mRELEVANCE’s “Dress Your Desk” Contest

contestDesks at the mRELEVANCE offices are looking quite ordinary these days. You’ll no longer find fish nets, tie-dye, palm trees, banners or confetti hanging around. That’s because our first ever “Dress Your Desk” contest has officially ended! In case you missed the announcement on Facebook, first place went to Account Manager Courtney Rogers with her beach theme, second place went to Account Coordinator Lauren Cooper with her zen retreat and third place went to Web Developer Mike Adamczyk with his “who shrunk my desk?.”

The “Dress Your Desk” contest provided the opportunity for the mRELEVANCE team to show off each team member’s creativity. Individuals “dressed” or decorated their desk/work area with the theme of their choice. Each desk was showcased on Facebook with a paragraph explaining the theme. The contest was a huge success because it gave our clients, partners and potential clients a peak into each team member’s personality and it created a buzz for the agency on social media.

We launched the contest by adding a “Dress Your Desk” graphic to our Facebook page to announce the contest. Then, we assigned specific days for team members to decorate their desks and post photos to Facebook. Once the photo was uploaded with a paragraph about the desk and particular employee, each post was sponsored for $10 to increase traffic. Visitors were asked to Like the desk of their choice. Who did you vote for?

In just two weeks, our Facebook fan base increased by 10 percent! The contest posts garnered 937 likes on the page (plus additional likes and views on individual team members’ walls). Additionally, there were 92 comments on contest posts and 28 shares of the content. Overall, the contest increased Facebook engagement by 40 percent, with each post reaching around 2,000 people!

Why are these stats so important to us? Well, we were able to give you a peek into the many unique personalities that make the mRELEVANCE team so great, AND we were able to get you involved. Isn’t it great when social media has a hook? You checked back each day of the contest to see how we “dressed” our desks, and then shared with your friends and fellow colleagues. You got to know us better, and we look forward to sharing more of what mRELEVANCE is all about in the days to come.

To see our “Dress Your Desk” entries, visit our Facebook page. To view the finalists’ desks, click here. If you are looking for ways to engage your target audience or create raving fans and user generated content on social media, contact us at 770-383-3360 or go to to learn how we can create an interactive social media campaign for your company.