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Retailers Going Mobile

retailers going mobileOver the next five years, retail marketing strategies are expected to make major transformations as they move into the mobile world and focus on more engaging in-store customer experiences.

According to a June 2012 Motorola Solutions survey, it is said that 42 percent of sales will come from online, mobile and social commerce sites in the next five years. And even though some retailers may not want to believe the reports, the truth is that this is not an outrageous projection. In fact, according to recent comScore figures, first quarter marked the 10th consecutive quarter of positive year-over-year growth and the sixth successive quarter of double-digit growth.

For businesses to succeed, retailers need to be sure to follow these tips for the future of retail. First, you need to develop a more engaging in-store experience. While many retailers understand this need, a high proportion is unable to do so. To help solve this dilemma, 51 percent of retailers are planning to make investments to improve their customer service.

Other tips include: completing all transactions via mobile point of sale (POS), self checkout at terminal or on a shopper’s mobile device; having sales come from online, mobile and commercial sites; sending coupons to customers based on location in store; providing personalized product details to a shopper’s Smartphone based on their previous behavior and recognizing customers in store with geofencing or presence technology.

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