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RSS: It Really Is That Simple

RSSRSS what? You’ve probably seen these three little letters on plenty of websites, but do you know what a powerful impact they truly have? RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, and it is a web feed that is used to publish frequently updated works, such as your company’s blog. In fact, RSS makes it so easy to publish and share content, that our managing partner Carol Morgan likes to stay that it stands for Really Simple to Steal.

RSS feeds are a great benefit to companies because they allow you to automatically syndicate your content to external sources, such as emails, Facebook and Twitter. Once installed, the RSS reader will regularly check your website or blog for updates, download the updates it finds and then syndicate them elsewhere.

Syndication is a powerful tool. If you’re already taking the time to write original content, why not use it in multiple ways? By using RSS to feed your blog content automatically to your social media sites and daily emails, you’ll be saving time and spreading your message even further. However, even if you are using RSS to make your life simpler, make sure you are still encouraging natural conversations on your social media sites.

For example, by visiting, you will see that you can subscribe to our latest emails via email and that all of our posts automatically post through to Twitter. This is all done through the use of the site’s RSS feed.

RSS: Really Simple Syndication. It really is that simple, and yes you really should syndicate.

If your company wants to save time and money by utilizing RSS or for more information on creating online content, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.