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Sales and Marketing Ideas Magazine

SMI with Mitch LevinsonMitch Levinson, one of our managing partners, was highlighted as an expert for Internet marketing in an article on page 22 in Sales and Marketing Ideas magazine. SMI Magazine is the National Association of Homebuilder’s Sales and Marketing Council’s industry magazine. Every month, this publication features great information about homebuilders and marketing ideas for new homes. We are proud that Mitch was featured amongst several other key industry people. The experts included in the article, most of which are competitors, but all of which are great friends, are:

  • Brian Flook, MIRM
  • Mike Lyon
  • David Miles
  • Dennis O’Neil
  • Paula Huggett, MIRM
  • Robert O’Shaughnessy
  • Meredith Oliver, MIRM
  • Mitch Levinson, MIRM

And a special thank you goes out to Sonora Munks, from NAHB, for writing such an exceptional and informational piece.

Oh, and don’t miss the awesome ad on page 15. :)