Search Engines and behavioral targeting

We are starting to see the search engines make changes in the results they provide for search terms. It seems we are headed toward web 3.0 often referred to as the semantic web.

What happened the last time you performed a search on Google? Did you see the phrase, “Personalized based on your web history” appear in the top right of the page? Google is returning results that are relevant to you based on your most recent searches. These results will be even more customized if you are logged into your gmail account while searching.

The same type of customization occurs on social networking sites, such as Facebook.  It is no coincidence that if you post about horses, the ads that are displayed on your page are about, you guessed it, horses.

From the top search engines, to your local newspaper, behavioral advertising and targeting is becoming mainstream. Next time you perform a search or browse your local paper, pay attention to the ads that are displayed. . . you might be surprised by just how much they know about you!