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See the World Through Google

Google goggle

Image Source: Google Mobile

It’s getting much easier to find things you enjoy in life. For music, there’s Shazam and similar apps to nearly instantly tell you song and artist from just a snippet of music. But what about when you see something that perks your interest, that you can’t put into words? Like a work of art or maybe you’re exploring a city on vacation are curious what a landmark is called.

For that, Google has done it again. This time, Google has created an app for both iDevices and Android machines called Google Goggles. For iDevices, the Goggles app is a module of the greater Google app. There is no separate downloading required. The Goggles app is like adding the intelligence of Google to your device’s camera. All you have to do is turn on the app, take a picture and then the magic happens. The app takes a few seconds to scan the picture before providing you with results, often in the form of a web search, to put things that you see but can’t describe within reach. This works for landmarks, artwork, book covers, product labels and even wine bottles.

If you are using an Android device, Goggles gets even better with additional features. A picture of a business card or similar contact information can be integrated into your phone’s address book. There’s also a translation service that has recently been launched, but we weren’t able to test.

Even though this sounds great, visual searching is still in its early stages. Google Goggles doesn’t work very well with objects like plants, animals or cars. There are hopes to advance it in that direction, though, as well as perform functions like suggest moves in chess or other games based on a photograph.

We’re really excited about how this is going to expand, and we’ve been using it all around the office to test on anything we can take a picture of. Be sure to check back with the Marketing RELEVANCE blog to learn more about new marketing technology, search engine optimization tips and quality website advice. Or, if you are in the market for a new website, mobile marketing or SEO, contact our team.