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Selling Books Website Interviews Carol Flammer

08_6_nl_curvesAlthough many builders, real estate agents, remodelers and other small business owners may be a bit apprehensive about diving into social media and creating an online presence for their organization, Carol Flammer reminds home builders and others that social media is “Easier than You Think.”

In a recent interview with Cathy Stucker of Selling Books, Carol discusses her first book, “Social Media for Home Builders: It’s Easier Than You Think” and how all businesses can use it to enhance or begin a social media program from the ground up.

In the interview, Carol explains her inspiration for writing the book, how she came up with the title and the obstacles she encountered while describing the best practices for social media. She also gives insight to the writing process by sharing her rituals, advice to aspiring writers and what she would do differently if given the chance.

Social Media for Home Builders 2.0 is on the press right now. You can already order this updated, bigger and better version of it from BuilderBooks.

To read Cathy Stucker’s interview with Carol visit the Selling Books website. For more information on top-selling author and marketing consultant, Carol Flammer or her book, visit the mRELEVANCE website, Carol or find Carol on LinkedIn.