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SEO: Designing Your Website for Not Just People

We already talked about how to design websites for user experience, but– believe it or not– you also need to design for robots. Search Engine Optimization, or your SEO rankings, is making your website show up at the top of Google search results. Google organizes data by crawling every webpage to decide who’s going to be at the top of each Google search. Putting yourself in the mind of a customer who you could help is the ultimate way to optimize this. When implementing SEO, you want to think about what people will search while looking for your company, and make sure to have those keywords on your site.

How SEO Works

To give your website the best SEO rankings, it comes down to implementing keywords and creating organic traffic. Keywords are going to be what the information on your website and the terms people are googling have in common. Finding the most lucrative keywords to fit your site will take some research. An example of this research would be if you own a barbecue restaurant, to put yourself in the mind of someone searching for a place to eat. They might type in, “restaurants near me,” “barbecue restaurants,” “best barbecue,” or “BBQ carryout.” For your website to be the first result from these searches, you need to implement the words barbecue, restaurants, best BBQ, convenient carryout, etc., into all of the text on your site so that customers can easily find you. 

The keyword phrases you determine should match your marketing goals– business goals feed into marketing goals which feed into SEO goals here. Having thick content, and good amounts of relevant, valuable, text with these keywords implemented can boost your SEO rankings and be a good start. Within this relevant content, you want to focus on providing value to your customers. This way they’ll spend more time on your website before clicking away. But Google will penalize your SEO rankings if you create artificial leads, so focusing on organic traffic comes into play.

Developing Organic Traffic

The more people that visit your website and spend time on it, the higher up your SEO rankings will climb. To create organic traffic to your website, a few techniques work great. Things like blogs and FAQ sections on your website develop compounding organic traffic. Blogs stay relevant for long amounts of time, continuing to bring in results. Especially if you update old blogs on your website, people will continue to come to them over time, bringing a steady traffic flow.

Other than bringing in leads from website content, having your website linked on other websites also helps SEO rankings. Tactics as simple as linking your website on all of your social media profiles can bring organic traffic from potential customers looking for more information. It can be big to bring traffic from social media apps. People looking at your website on mobile devices count much higher for SEO rankings. If a site isn’t mobile device friendly– if the text is always too small, and buttons are too small to tap– SEO rankings can be largely reduced. Once you get steady traffic to your website, web design comes heavily into play.

Designing for SEO

Many companies are fatally affected by either having a good web design or a good SEO strategy, but they struggle with developing both. Designing your website for user experience circles back to SEO experience. You want to have the important information right where it will be seen. SEO strategy is organizing your website by different topics– for google to know you have the information people are looking for– and then implementing keywords under each topic. Stuffing too many keywords can also hurt your SEO rankings. So try to find a balance of having about 5-10% of the words on your website be keywords.

By designing an organized website with keywords broken down under relevant topics, your SEO rankings will begin to rise. Along with creating organic website traffic, this uptick in SEO rankings will instantly start bringing in leads, and creating more profit.

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