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Shopping Has Changed: How This Benefits Your Business

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought purchases around the world to a screeching halt. Not only are people delaying purchasing items, but they are also delaying walking into stores and malls altogether. As a business owner, this may seem like a daunting time, but we’re here to tell you that people changing the way they are shopping may actually benefit your business.

Here is how these changes can benefit your business.

Although people are delaying shopping for their purchases, the vast majority of delays are in large purchases such as airline flights or concert tickets. According to a report by GlobalWebIndexData from March 2020, about 30 percent of people have delayed vacations and holidays, while 25 percent of people have delayed flights. When it comes to purchasing day-to-day items, only 18 percent of people have paused their purchasing, and less than 10 percent of people have delayed purchasing home appliances, luxury items, technology, and insurance. Insurance is actually the lowest percentage with only four percent of people delaying a purchase in that field. The numbers regarding day-to-day items etc. are also pretty low.

In the face of these statistics, your online business could potentially thrive! According to the same report, 74.6 percent of people said they would avoid shopping centers/malls altogether. While gathering in public places is currently taboo, sitting at home on your laptop or smartphone is not! Online businesses can use this time to market to potential clients, since right now is the time that many people are very actively online for much of the day.

Online ordering

If a consumer needs an item, they are far more likely to order it online than go outside. Make your goods and services readily available by sending out emails, offering free shipping, or anything else to incentivize your clients to give you their business. Just because physical stores are on a temporary break doesn’t mean your online business has to suffer. Not only will getting word out about your brand result in potential clients choosing your business for their needs, but it will also result in them thinking of your business when this is all over.

Once people are able to purchase things as they did before this pandemic, the release of this pent up demand for goods and services will create huge market opportunities for those ready for it. Make sure that this pent up demand is benefitting your business by reminding potential clients that you exist, you value customer service, and you are a reliable and legitimate business that values your customers and community.

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