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Should You Engage in Social Media?

How Social is Your Company?

With all of the talk of social media and social media optimization, what is your company doing to get social? Recent research by Cone finds that 60-percent of Americans engage in social media. And of those, 93-percent believe that companies should be present in social media. Of huge importance, 85-percent think that the company should interact with their customers through social media.

Think social media doesn’t work?

A report by digital marketing agency Razorfish, shows that four out of 10 consumers have made a purchase because of advertising they saw on a social media site and 76 percent welcome advertising on social networks. Have you considered advertising on FaceBook or other social media sites?

How important is Social Media?

Important enough that The National Association of Realtors is hiring a full-time Manager of Social Media to interact with members online.

How do you get started?

For a Social Media Marketing Campaign to be effective, it must be integrated into your overall marketing plan, support your brand and market position, and be an ongoing process. Creating the right mix between social media sites such as blogs, social networking sites, and social bookmarking is extremely exciting, but is most effective when implemented properly.

Many consultants can set up a blog and possibly identify some social media sites, but reaching the predefined goals and driving the right traffic is something different. mRELEVANCE differentiates its social media strategy by proving our effectiveness in your web/blog tracking reports. We can demonstrate the results of effective social media campaigns for home builders, developers, remodelers, publishers, as well as other in the construction and real estate industry.

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