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Simple Steps to Creating an Effective Content Calendar

11_November_ContentCalendarIn a past Marketing RELEVANCE blog post, “Social Media 101-Blogging for Business” we talked about the important role blogs play in your social media plan. However, blogging is only a part of the social media puzzle and needs to be a companion to your posts and tweets. So how do you make all the various platforms look unified and present your brand cohesively? Enter the Content Calendar. In order to use social media effectively and drive traffic to your website, every marketing team needs to have a well-structured plan in place.

A component of that plan and maybe the most important component is a content calendar. But what exactly is a content calendar? It is a resource that you or your marketing team creates and uses in order to outline monthly marketing content. Something shared among team members to make sure certain subjects/topics are touched on during the month.

There are many benefits to using a calendar format:

  • No need to make a long list of content that needs to be published.
  • Makes it easier to share with your social marketing team.
  • Aids in advanced planning to make sure important industry events and dates are included.
  • Can visualize where content is missing in order to fill in the gaps
  • Makes sure your content is ready and published on time.
  • Organizes content; know where, when and what you’re publishing
  • Saves time and fosters efficiency

With all the above benefits, you can plan ahead to make sure that there is a constant flow of interesting and informative content.

Now that you know how beneficial a content calendar can be, here are some easy ways to create it:

Identify your target audience: Doing this helps to decipher what type of content you will publish. Choose topics that will appeal to different audiences and schedule those topics throughout the month.

Make an inventory of past content: Much of the content you already have can be repurposed. Ask yourself a few questions to qualify it: can be updated, repurposed, is it still relevant? Items like past webinars, blog posts and presentations can be turned into fresh content for a single blog post or a series of posts.

Create an overview of major holidays and events: You can always find relevant fodder for national holidays and even have fun with more obscure holidays like “National Coffee Day”. Be sure to also include important corporate events like product launches, campaigns or events such as trade shows.

Incorporate Graphics: Visually enhancing your text makes it more noticeable. Content with relevant imagery (photo, video, infographic or curated design) gets 94% more views than written content alone.

Publish and promote: Make sure to schedule all your content in a realistic time frame and it is very important to promote each post. Revisit the month to see what posts had the most engagement and which were less engaging.

By following some of these easy content calendar strategies, you can remain on top of what is important to your marketing strategy.

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