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Six Things We’re Thankful For

thanksgivingAt Marketing RELEVANCE, we’re all about the turkey and pumpkin pie, but we know that we all have plenty to be deeply thankful for while we’re enjoying our holiday feast later this week. So we’d like to share with you, some of the people that mean the most to us, what we are thankful for.

Clients – We don’t feel bad bragging about this one. We have the best clients. They challenge us to do our best. They put their trust in us. They support us and allow us to take chances, and it’s no wonder why we consider most of them not just clients, but close friends.

Industry Partners & Friends – Our partners in this business make our work easier, open up new opportunities for us and allow us to offer the best product and service to our clients. Our friends from around the country provide us with a sounding board for new thoughts and ideas.

Family – Our families are there for us at the end of every day. They give us balance. Our children, spouses, parents, siblings and significant others are our source of strength, health and happiness.

Growth – We are very thankful for the growth (new staff, new clients and new opportunities) that we’ve been fortunate to experience; not just this year, but since the launch of Marketing RELEVANCE.

Technology – Technology makes our lives easier and more fun. It helps us be more earth-friendly, keep in touch with friends and loved ones and saves us time and money. Not to mention, our knowledge of technology is the reason that most of our clients work with us!

Lastly, we are thankful for Google – because without Google none of us would have a job! ;)

We have a lot to be thankful for at Marketing RELEVANCE. It has been a fantastic year for our team and we are excited about what 2013 has to bring.

What are you thankful for?