Skills Not Tools . . You Engaging Others

REtechSouth speaker Jeff Turner says, “The computer is a moron, stop trying to get its attention. You need to get your client’s attention.”

You must control the machine. It is not about having the most friends on Facebook or the most followers on Twitter.  Social networking is not about SEO, it is about YEO – You Engaging Others.

Your goal should be to engage people, engage converse, talk and sell.

Skills you need to cultivate today:

  • Design – have a plan.  If you are doing social media wrong you will stand out like a sore thumb. Design your strategy and execute it so it is not visible. Everytime you go online you should have a mission.
  • Not Information – Learn the skill of story telling.  We were born to tell great stories.  GREAT stories are it. People need to connect the dots and tell the story, it should not be just a datastream.
  • Play – We play in real life. Online is no different, so remember to play online. If you play you will create real relationships. Make it more like real life.
  • Empathy – Understand your audience. Using this skill effectively will allow you to better connect with you audience. This is all about relationship marketing.

Tools you should have include a video camera, web cam, lap top, ipod, etc.  You should have all of them!

Create conversations through twitter and uttlerly.  Share social objects, shift the focus to something else with photos, video, books and more.

Build relationships through and other sites.

Expose the social graph. You get to see your connections and others connections.

Listen to yourself, understand what your objectives are and take control of the Machine – parting thoughts.