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Smart Technology Can Benefit Business

These days, a hashtag such as #AloneTogether works because of all of the ways in which humans are able to connect due to significant advances in technology. Not only is staying up to date on all the latest technological trends important for your business, but it’s also important for your own and your staff’s level of productivity to use smart technology.

Things to keep in mind to stay productive whether you’re working from home or in the office.

Many people think with a smartphone and a laptop, they’re good to go. While this is true in some regard, adding a convenient and accessible device–such as an iPad–to your work routine can result in getting work done. For instance, you can work at a more efficient speed, minimizing power-on and power-off times on your laptop. After all, time is money. iPads are lightweight, easily accessible, and user-friendly. There are many accessories that make iPads even more convenient. Users can choose whether to purchase a stylus for design or a detachable keyboard for writing. This makes iPads great for creating illustrations, writing emails, proposals, blog posts, or other business models.

For non-Apple users, the Microsoft Surface Pro has fantastic capabilities. The device runs the Windows 10 Operating System and functions as a two-in-one laptop to tablet device. Similar to an iPad, the Surface pairs with a keyboard or mouse to ensure all of your work is done from one, easy to use device.

Chromebook convenience:

While a tablet is convenient and easily accessible, lately Chromebooks have been getting more recognition as budget-friendly and highly capable devices on which to complete tasks or manage your business. The differences between a laptop and a Chromebook may not be glaringly obvious, there are differences. For instance; those who utilize Google tools such as Chrome and Google Drive may find themselves preferring a Chromebook, which runs Google’s Chrome OS. This browser is essentially just Chrome, but it is reminiscent of the traditional Windows desktop.

Chromebooks give their users speedy access to useful tools such as Gmail, Google Docs and YouTube which are all located in a taskbar in the lower left corner. Users of Chromebooks appreciate how they are lightweight and the fact they do not take a long time to boot up or restart. Additionally, Chromebook users do not need internet access to use apps such as Google Docs or Google Play. This makes the device ideal for plane rides.

Voice-activated technology:

When considering new technology, it’s also important to consider new trends. Voice-activated technology is the new buzz, and for good reason. Many people underestimate or simply are not aware of how convenient the “Hey Siri” ability is on Apple products. When the iPhone 6S came out, Apple had “Hey Siri” on iPhones at all times. Whether the iPhone is plugged into a power source or not. “Hey Siri” is also available on the iPad Pro (except the 12.9 inch, 1st generation), 5th generation iPads or later. They can also be used without being plugged into a power source. This allows users to use Siri hands-free.

“Hey Siri”

Users can set this up by going to Settings→ Siri & Search → and enabling “Listen for ‘Hey Siri.’ Once this is set up, Siri will listen for your voice to ask for assistance. What can Siri do? Besides sending texts, she can make phone calls, create notes on your device, and set reminders for meetings. If you are an Apple user and do not have “Hey Siri,” set it up on your devices and see how much time it saves!

Those who are team Android can utilize the “Okay Google” setting on their smartphones. The abilities of “Okay Google” are similar to those of “Hey Siri” in terms of reminders, alarms, navigation and information. However, there is an added feature. Users say “Okay Google” to perform actions such as “flip a coin” or “roll dice” to help with decision making.

The Amazon Alexa is another voice activated device that saves time and can help increase productivity. Alexa is able to play music, provide information, deliver news, sports scores and tell weather. A couple of other fun features control your smart home and allows Prime members to order products from Amazon. Rather than performing all of these tasks manually, have Alexa do it for you. Instead, focus on what’s really important: managing your business.

Online presence:

Having more than one device is important not only for maximum productivity, but also for surveying your online presence. It’s important to ensure that your website looks good and functions properly on a laptop, smartphone, and tablet. Having these items yourself allows you to monitor your business firsthand and see how your products are coming across on all platforms. 

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