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Smartphones: Current Trend and Way of the Future

mobile phone appsPeople have “hung up” on the days when phones were used strictly to place calls. With all of the great technology available, it’s no surprise that Americans are upgrading to the newest smartphones on the market.

A recent survey compiled by Prosper Mobile Insights in May 2011 spotted some interesting trends among smartphone users.

A new breed of phone, some of these devices seem more like tiny laptops than their clunky 90s predecessors. In fact, some people prefer using their smartphones to their computers. That’s right- 55.9 percent of smartphone users prefer using their phone to access the Internet than using their computer.

Americans are relying on phones for more than standard features like calling, texting and e-mailing. Approximately 52.9 percent of the survey’s respondents said that they used their smartphone for all of its functions, and it was their “life.” That percentage dwarfs the other 16.7 percent who admitted to only using it for the aforementioned basic purposes.

The apps and functions of smartphones are what make them so handy and therefore loved by users. Texting took the top rank in the survey as 21.6 percent of respondents said it was the one function they couldn’t live without. Surfing the Internet came next with 16.7 percent, and e-mail ran a close third with 15.7 percent of the top spot vote. Surprisingly, Facebook is the must-have function for only 5.9 percent of users, and social media apps only got 1 percent of the first-place vote.

However, “big brother” is always watching, and respondents remembered this when answering questions concerning their privacy. Smartphone users are understandably most afraid of being their location being tracked and their second most popular concern was an outsider accessing personal information.

So are you following the smartphone trend? What’s the best part about owning one- or not owning one? Have any favorite apps you’d like to tell the world about? Check out the survey results, and come back and tell us what you think!