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Smartphones, Tablets, Social Media – Oh My!

Learn Social Media on a TabletOverwhelmed by the latest piece of technology that you’re supposed to keep up with everyone on? Or, has someone recently informed you that the Android/iPhone in your hand isn’t a cell phone?

Let’s briefly reminisce, years ago it wasn’t habit, rather it was tradition – wake-up, start the coffee, trudge outside to grab the paper and upon returning to the kitchen, the coffee was ready. News updates were available in the daily paper, and business would start once you arrived at the office.

Back to the present; the “now generation” has been swept up into the mobile technology whirlwind, landing itself in the stay-connected present. Mobile technology isn’t the future of business–it’s here NOW, and it’s here to stay. But the questions remain; can you make use of mobile technology? If so, how do you decide what mobile device is best for you? What can you do to make the most a smartphone or tablet’s capabilities? Also, can social media really be integrated into business, let alone be useful in your business marketing plan?

These questions are probably only a few that business owners contemplate, and something that Carol Flammer and Mitch Levinson are excited to discuss at this year’s Home Builders Association of Alabama State Convention. The conference takes place November 8-10 in Sandestin, Florida. To register, visit

Since business is no longer simply a push of the button, rather, it’s a mere touch of the screen, Carol and Mitch will explain how mobile technology is a necessity in today’s world. They will discuss how mobile devices have inundated the workforce from managing communication with customers and prospects to staying connected through social media. “Today it is all about being where the consumer is and being available and responsive when they start the conversation,” said Carol. “Be the places they are, and this includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, etc.”

Those attending will learn how mobile devices, apps, and of course social media have streamlined and increased business. Plus, be in the know of how any business’s success lies in the next generation of technology and social media that through Apps allows you to connect anytime and anywhere.

The routine remains largely the same, wake-up, get a cup o’Joe, with the variation that your morning now starts connected all on one device. You’re up-to-date as immediately as you choose, knowing the current news, communicating with business, social, and personal connections.

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