SMC Academy: Sales & Marketing for Onsite Agents

Does your association want to bring relevant, dynamic and useful educational content to your members this year? If so, look no further than “The Sales & Marketing Academy”. We take our Academy on the road with an entertaining compilation of sales and marketing ideas and innovations. Marketing RELEVANCE managing partners Mitch Levinson and Carol Morgan join Kimberly Mackey of New Home Solutions Consulting to present a half-day program designed to teach onsite agents the necessary techniques to drive their own traffic. This educational seminar is specifically tailored for new home sales management, marketing professionals and onsite sales agents. The program includes sessions presented by Morgan and Levinson on how to generate leads and engage buyers by using social media and mobile technology. Mackey will focus on generating an outside sales force by cultivating and leveraging REALTOR® relations. Experts recommend that at least 50% of the on-site traffic should be “self-driven”. Our dynamic trio has the tools to show them how.

This three-part series, geared towards new home onsite agents and real estate marketing professionals, begins with a Social Media primer. Attendees gain a greater understanding of how to engage buyers, as sales people, at the models center, in the local coffee shop or anywhere in the community. The second part is all about using today’s mobile atmosphere to engage with buyers to create excitement and urgency so that they take action. Whether they complete a form requesting more information or they click a link for directions to head straight over to the sales center, the goal is spurring action. This section covers the tools necessary for sales people and marketing personnel to bring in prospects and buyers. The third part of the series harnesses the power of the general real estate agent and teaches the on-site agent how to cultivate 50 Sales per Year using only REALTOR® VIP’s.

This seminar is designed to be a half or full day interactive workshop. This can be set up to include a meal or networking and optional programs can be added for a general membership meeting the evening before or the afternoon.   Request more information here and let us know how we can maximize this offering to benefit your association the most. We can even help you with obtaining sponsorship.