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Social CRM: Creating a Sales and Retention Funnel

social meda sales funnelSocial media is typically thought of as marketing, but we want to challenge you to think about social media as a way to build a bigger sales funnel. Interacting with customers and clients in order to convert them from leads to prospects and then from prospects to buyers is the main goal of marketing and sales.

The typical interactive marketing program centers around your main messages (USPs) and assets – your website and blog. Social media sites including your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts can help to spread your marketing messages. However, when you have an effective CRM program in place then driving qualified leads to your website to capture buyers enables you to focus your sales activities on each individual buyer. Using an effective CRM program in combination with social media will provide you with a competitive advantage. Think about having a bigger sales funnel. And, it isn’t just new customers, social CRM can help you retain existing customers.

The MarketingRELEVANCE team recently presented a program on Social CRM at the Pivotal Galaxy Conference in Las Vegas. We focused on the social media mindset of today’s buyer and how Social CRM can help you to connect with them.

Consumers have “group think” and will consult with trusted advisers (friends) on any purchase of more than $50. Buyers expect for you to have testimonials, and they want to see a balance of good and neutral reviews. Bad reviews are even preferred to no reviews or all positive ones. If all of your reviews are stellar, consumers will assume they are fake. Another important aspect of today’s buyer is that they expect you to be where they are. So if they are looking for you on Twitter or Facebook or Yelp and you are not there, they may just move on to your closest competitor who is there.

By discovering and leveraging relationships among your buyers, your Social CRM program will provide you with a more effective way of moving leads and prospect through the sales funnel to become customers. If you need help setting up an effective social media program or a Social CRM program, please contact mRELEVANCE.