Social Media Analytics: The Value of Social Tracking

iStockWish you knew or understood the ROI of the social media efforts for your business? Well, thanks to updates from  Google Analytics you can now more accurately measure  the value of your social media marketing.

Google Analytics new social reports are designed to bridge the gap between important business metrics and social media by identifying the value of traffic from social media sites, showing how social activities increase key performance indicators and optimizing user engagement.

Some of the coolest features of the new social reports include:

  • Social Referral: Businesses can view how many referrals each social page sent to their website in addition to other related data.
  • Social Conversations: This section displays all of the comments on your business’ social media posts.
  • Social Pages: This sections displays the amount of visits to your business’ website from a social media site.
  • Social Plugins: Allows you to view the social buttons your visitors clicked, and which pages they have shared and liked.
  • Social Visitors Flow: Users can view the path visitors took on their website once they clicked to the site from a social media platform.

Currently, Google is partnering with Google+, Blogger, Google Groups, WordPress, Reddit, TypePad, LiveFire and Gigya. Google will also display limited data about Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Quora and several others. These reports are currently available to be set up through Google Analytics.

This new social effort on the part of Google will help businesses become more effective in terms of their social media marketing strategy. If you’re interested in setting up social media metrics in your Google Analytics account, contact the team at Marketing RELEVANCE.  We can also help improve  your online presence through public relations, social media, reputation management and Search Engine Optimization, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.