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Social Media Best Practices to Implement

Social media and all of its platforms is a great way to reach target markets for your business. When implemented correctly, it can be extremely beneficial for building your clientele and brand awareness.

Utilize social media to your company’s advantage:

Social media serves as a powerful tool to connect to your clients on a personal level. Being relatable and interactive are effective ways to build rapport and loyalty. With all of the businesses that use social media, it’s important to ensure yours stands out. Communication with your audience is important. For example, creating live videos via Instagram or Facebook is a great way to interact with clients and prospects. Making sure to respond to questions and comments shows that you value their opinions and feedback. Having good customer service is essential to maintaining current clients and bringing in prospects. Social media is a great tool to utilize to ensure customer’s needs, questions, and concerns are being addressed.

There are many different social media channels available and can be overwhelming. Rather than trying to manage all the social media platforms, it would be advisable to pick two or three that you feel best fits your target market and business strategy. For instance, if your target market is older, Facebook is ideal. This generation looks for information that is clear and concise. For a younger target market, utilize Twitter and Instagram. Younger markets enjoy live videos and some humor embedded within posts.

Best posting times for social media:

Along with knowing which social media platforms to use, the next step knowing when to post to increase your visibility and client interaction. The best time to post on Facebook is Wednesdays at 3pm, Thursdays and Fridays between 1 and 4pm, and Saturdays and Sundays between 12 and 1pm. Instagram’s timeframe is more general, with research showing that the best time to post is around 2 and 3 p.m. However, on Thursdays, studies show that the best time to post is at 5am, 11am and 3pm. For Twitter, the lowest level of engagement happens between 10pm and 4am. The best times for posting are Wednesdays and Fridays at 9am. This way want you catch your target market either as they are waking up or during their downtime.

What theme works best for your business:

While knowing when and where to post to reach your target market is important, another aspect of social media to consider is your theme and tone. For those businesses based in aesthetics, it’s important for the theme and photos to match your expertise and shows what sets you apart from the competition in terms of creativity and stylistic appeal. For businesses that are not based on aesthetics, it is important to figure out how to best interact with your client via written posts.

Do you want your persona to be funny, informative, or serious? For example, Wendy’s Twitter account does a great job of providing clients with entertainment via a sarcastic and humorous persona. A great way to find out what works is to evaluate which posts get the most likes or comments from your clientele. Business pages on Facebook have the unique ability to view their engagement numbers and which posts are receiving the most likes and comments. This is a great tool to use to see what posts have the most engagement from your target audience.

Figure out what does not work:

Along with knowing what works also comes knowing what does not work. When trying to reach your target audience, know what type of wording is appropriate to use. Knowing this information can help make sure you do not offend your audience. Know your audience and base your word choice off of that information.

Social media can help a business grow their customer base if done properly. Ensuring that your company is vigilant in responding to customers, and creating interactive posts. Furthermore, utilizing the most beneficial platform and determining a tone or theme that works best for you is a recipe for marketing success!

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