Social Media Explained

Successful Home SalesIs your company utilizing social media to its fullest potential? Or, are the words blog, Facebook and Twitter as foreign to you as a Martian language?

In an interview with Scott Stroud, host of’s “Selling More Homes Media Network,” mRELEVANCE partner Carol Flammer discusses why organizations should implement social media as an important business tool.

Carol offers five basic reasons why you should incorporate this useful communication medium:

1.    Social media generates more traffic and more leads.

2.    It helps to build brand recognition.

3.    It allows for reputation management.

4.    It helps draw unique users to your website through social media optimization.

5.    You engage key publics by creating Friends, Fans and Followers.

Though the idea of keeping up with social media can cause some people to break out into sweats, Carol explains that it’s easier than you think. “Build your program around your blog and post a minimum of eight blog posts per month. Those eight blog posts will feed through to Facebook and LinkedIn and your other social outlets, so right there you’ve created a big part of your content,” said Flammer. “Then, when they click on your Facebook page and see your blog post linked, guess what—they end up on your blog.”

Plus, social media has the potential to reach more people with a personal message for less money than traditional advertising.  If you’re waiting for marketing to move online, you’re already behind. Your audience is out there. Don’t leave them waiting for your message.

To learn more about why you should bother blogging, check out Carol Flammer’s full interview on Selling More Homes Media Network.

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