Social Media For Home Builders 2.0: It’s Easier Than You Think

social media for home buildersCarol Flammer’s new book “Social Media For Home Builders 2.0: It’s Easier Than You Think” is now available from BuilderBooks for $19.95 ($17.95 for NAHB members)

As the newest form of permission-based marketing, social media marketing is ever changing and evolving. While much of it may seem like idle chatter on the surface, social media marketing can be used by home builders, remodelers, real estate agents, marketers and others in the industry to build brand, engage consumers, increase leads, improve search engine optimization, manage online reputation and ultimately sell homes.

This popular resource teaches builders and residential construction professionals how to use social media tools such as blogs, Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube, to increase their visibility and improve their sales results. Social Media for Home Builders 2.0: It’s Easier Than You Think is designed to help readers understand social media and construct a strategic plan for attracting more prospects, following up on leads, and selling more homes.

The updated edition includes even more examples, details, and strategies than the first edition, featuring- examples of specific social media campaigns and their sales results by builder type

-sample tweets and Twitter campaigns to draw foot traffic to homes and communities
-new research on how people are using social media

Carol Flammer outlines in a clear, concise style how to engage consumers through social media. She provides content suggestions for creating a blog and keeping it going. The book also explains how to improve SEO, run campaigns, optimize websites, blogs, and other social networking sites, and track, analyze, and improve results.