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Social Media Marketing: Do You Have It?

social media marketingAccording to recent results from the Chief Marketer 2012 Social Marketing Study, more than 75 percent of all brands are utilizing social media marketing, and another 16 percent plan to add social media to their marketing mix by the end of this year. With more than 90 percent of brands taking advantage of the expansive social media consumer base, you do not want your company to be left out of the conversation.

It comes as no surprise that the three most popular social media sites for businesses are Facebook (94 percent), Twitter (76 percent) and LinkedIn (39 percent). Following closely behind are more visual driven sites including video sites and Pinterest. The main reason that corporations are utilizing social media is to drive web traffic (56 percent), this is followed by generating sales leads (43 percent) and creating brand identity (37 percent).

However, even with so many marketers taking advantage of an eager audience, many are still wondering how to measure return on investment. The top two frustrations expressed by social media marketers pertain to calculating returns on social media marketing efforts (56 percent) as well as the difficulty of accurately tracking sales to social campaigns (55 percent).

Another big social media frustration is content. In a world where content is king, many businesses still do not have a plan to produce and syndicate good content – much less great content – on an ongoing basis. 39 percent of survey respondents believe that creating social content is too time consuming, 35 percent find the need for fresh content overwhelming, 25 percent find it difficult to juggle multiple platforms and 18 percent simply don’t know what they should share.

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