Social Media Marketing Return on Investment

Sherpa chartofweek-03-02-10-lpSMM objectivesWhat are your goals for social media marketing and what key performance metrics do you use to determine if your efforts are effective?

This is a common question we get all the time. The trouble with this question is that it is easy to answer, but more difficult to understand the answer. Often he answer is somewhat abstract.

Similar to Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing and social media optimization not only requires an understanding of how search engines work, but also a strategic goal for targeting both your demographic market and your effective key word phrases.

But what does that really mean and how do you gauge success? There are a few metrics we look at specifically to determine the success of social media marketing. The first, and most obvious, is the amount of and quality of traffic each social media source drives…total visits, unique visitors and how deep and long these visitors remain on your site. How many visits did you get from Facebook or LinkedIn? These numbers typically are not that high on any target tracking report because the underlying purpose of many of these sites is to interact ON these sites. Still, getting quality traffic from these sites is one key performance indicator.

Another and better indicator is where these alternate sites rank in the SERPs for your targeted words.  Does your blog or Twitter account appear in the top ten results in a Google search for your name? Having these ancillary sites appear in the SERPs is a huge win.  As Carol always says, “When you Google your name, do you like what you see?”

A third area to look at when determining the effectiveness of your social media and SEO program is your keywords and referring URL numbers. Effective social media and SEO will increase the number of key word phrases coming into the site and the number of URLs into the site – which inherently expands the overall reach of the site.

In addition to all of these, a well built blog and effective blogging and moderation (with SEO in mind) should produce a top 5 referral source to your site. To date, mRELEVANCE has built well over 100 blogs and all of them (when run effectively over time) have become a top 5 referring site for the client…along with the overall program increasing quality web traffic between 50 – 200%. This is a common occurrence for a company that operates at the intersection of Social and Search! Contact us when you are ready to see this kind of result.