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Social Media not all Snake Oil

snake oilFinally, a large and trusted media publication (Business Week) agrees with mRELEVANCE on what we have been talking about for more than the past year! In the article titled “Beware Social Media Snake Oil,” Stephen Baker talks about ‘so-called social media experts’ and how they sell social media based on friends, fans and followers. Of course, proving Return on Investment (ROI) is a whole different story.

We call the ‘lure’ of Social Media (the buzz words, the industry trends, the pretty facebook and twitter themes and the good looking but often ineffective blogs) the BLING! Everyone likes bling…most so-called Social Media Experts preach about the BLING – but as we have been writing and teaching, its NOT AT ALL about the bling.

From a Trulia Blog Post from February 9, 2009, to a Builder Radio Interview on March 2, 2009, to a Nations Building News Article on October 12, 2009, to a recent December 2, 2009 blog post on mRELEVANCE about Social Media ROI, mRELEVANCE has always taken the approach that all marketing, INCLUDING SOCIAL MEDIA, requires analytic proof that it is effective and worth the cost.

It all costs something – even the free sites and techniques take time to do. The mistake many companies make when they decide to participate in Social Media is EXACTLY what the Business Week article identified…the lack of an effective strategy. Creating an effective strategy includes tracking and producing a return on your investment of time and money. This can not be created and achieved by a so-called social media expert that can’t produce the product themselves, is more interested in selling seminars and books than client results or is focused on the BLING. A successful program also can not be created by an intern or your niece without a full strategy written by a marketing, industry, or other experienced expert.

Call us to find out how to get beyond the snake oil. We will work with you to create trackable results.