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Something is Missing from Your Social Media Program

Red Sports CarChances are that you might not even be aware that something BIG is missing from your social media program. It isn’t lost, it was probably never there. Do you know what it is? At present you are duplicating efforts, spending extra time and wondering where the ROI is for your social media program. Your car can’t get from 0 to 60 without an engine and your social media program is much the same way. To create a social media program that is truly an integrated part of a comprehensive marketing program, you need a blog. (Repeat after me, I need a blog!) Having cool tires, spree wheels, leather seats and shiny car paint is great, but none of that bling will drive your car down the street!

Luckily it is never too late to create a strategic social media plan, and here are five tips to get you started. Interconnect all of that bling to build brand, increase traffic and engage in conversations with customers along the way.

1) Focus on your engine – Your online program should center on your Web site, Blog/Web site or Blog. Make sure that you have taken every possible opportunity to interconnect your sites. From building your blog as your news section, to Facebook apps, to email marketing to social sharing, there are many ways to interconnect these sites.
2) Own It – If you have built multiple independent social networking sites, tie them together with the one social site you can own, your blog. This is the single piece of your social networking program that can be built on your URL and controlled soley by you. You can index it, sort it, categorize it and perform your own SEO (search engine optimization).
3) Save Time – by interconnecting your program and making the blog the center of your social media marketing, you can save up to 50% of the time you have been investing! Instead of having to visit multiple sites to make updates, use the blog as your update tool. Simply post to the blog and set it to post to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Now you only have to visit one site, not four. Make sure to create an editorial calendar consisting of eight posts a month so your site content will stay current and relevant.
4) Increase Traffic – Focus on the ability of social media marketing to increase traffic to your main Web site. If you don’t have a strategic social media marketing plan to do just that, you might be missing 50% of your referral traffic and a large percentage of traffic from the search engines. AND your competitors, who DO have an effective social media strategy, are happily capturing your traffic and your potential buyers. A well-built Web site with a sound SEO strategy combined with an effective blog can increase your Web site traffic from 25 – 300%. With 85% of consumers visiting the Internet to search for products, providing ways for buyers to find your site is vital. Do you want them to have one way to find your Web site online or many?
5) Track It – What is working and what isn’t? It used to be said that 50% of your marketing dollars were wasted; you just didn’t know which 50%. No more guessing. Thanks to analytics and tracking reports, you can tell where your best quality traffic comes from and where you should be spending your money. Expect your well-built blog to be a top five referral source to your main Web site. Look for social networking sites to send quality traffic to your Web site or blog – visitors who spend three to six minutes onsite.

By adding a blog as the engine of your social media program you increase your programs overall potential. connecting your presence on individual social media sites, your efforts at individual sites have the potential to increase exponentially in effectiveness. Happy posting!

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