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Sometimes You Get What You Pay For!

Free BlogsStill looking for ROI from your blog and social media? If you set up a free blog, chances are you will be looking for ROI for a long, long time. The phrase, “you get what you pay for” is just as appropriate for these blogs as in all other situations. Of course, your free blog does provide you with a place to post additional content online, but without the benefits of SEO, targeted syndication and a marketing strategy (complete with tracking quality results), how do you expect to see direct results and produce a return on your investment?

Besides, free isn’t really free. Your time is worth money. . . isn’t it? It will take you time to set up your free blog and time to post content on it each month. Unfortunately at the end of the day, free is still free and depending on the goals for your social media program your free blog may not be capable of reaching any of them.

Set yourself FREE! Your self-hosted blog on your own URL is the only part of your social media program that you can own. Shouldn’t you build it such that you get the maximum return on your investment?

If your goals include:

  • increasing website traffic
  • better organic search results
  • reputation management
  • building brand and credibility
  • creating a conduit for conversations with consumers

then you need a self-hosted Word Press blog.

There is no such thing as a FREE lunch. . . If you are ready to experience effective results that can show actual increases in sales, along with 50 – 600% increases in qualified traffic, contact mRELEVANCE. “The ‘m’ in our name stands for Marketing, because all of your Marketing should be RELEVANT!”