Spam Links, Be Gone!

disavow linksYour company has spent time and money building a website that is not only effectively engaging customers, but is also boosting your rank within the search engines. However, your new website is now being penalized by Google and other search engines for spam-type links that are coming into it. This is where Google is finally coming to the rescue! Their new tool, Disavow Links, allows marketers to ask them to remove these spam or unnatural links.

Matt Cutts, Google’s search expert, warned that this tool is not for everyone and that anyone using the tool should be very careful. However, for those who have emailed and called Google to fix their problem with no avail, they should try this new tool. To disavow a link, you must first review the list of links the engine might have sent as a caution to advise as to the types of links the company might want erased. Google will allow companies to download this list of links sorted by the date the engine first discovered it.

The first version of the tool allows companies to them upload a text file of all the links, one URL per line, that they want Google to disregard. After doing all of this, Google will then take the list into consideration, and they may or may not disavow them. If the links are removed, it could still take weeks for them to vanish because the bots must recrawl and index the pages.

Essentially, Google is now recognizing and even helping page owners remove spam links that they may not have asked for to begin with, which will help your company go a long way when it comes to search engine optimization.

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