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Email Marketing Strategy

Are you currently contemplating ways to keep prospective, past and current clients updated on the status of your company? Try spreading the word through newsletter eblasts. This will create a strong email marketing campaign that provides your company with a way to maintain your brand, increase customer loyalty, stay top of mind and even get referrals. Emails can also help you drive traffic to your website, blogs and social media sites, not to mention your sales center, store or office.

When starting or revising a current email marketing plan though there are definitely a few tips to keep in mind. First, make sure that your email pieces are creative and catchy. You want prospective customers to open them and be able to remember them. This being said, the emails themselves need to be integrated with your marketing strategy. Try providing links to websites, blogs and social media sites. It is also imperative to ensure that your emails are mobile friendly. A large percentage of emails today are viewed on mobile phones and if yours does not display properly, chances are it will be deleted.

As a company, you must also learn to find a good balance when it comes to the frequency of emails and your target audience. You do not want to overwhelm your audience with emails, but at the same time you want to send enough so that your audience remembers you. Many experts recommend sending emails at two week intervals, or even once a month. After you find out what works best for your company try to maintain the loyalty with your audience. If your program is a Rewards program for loyal customers or Realtors, consider offering specials and incentives in eblasts.

Ultimately, you want your email marketing to be successful. Do not let your eblasts get stale and make sure to update your auto responders frequently as well as perform an internal audit of all touch points. To help gauge your success, programs like iContact, Constant Contact and Mail Chimp all off metrics to help determine your return on investment.

If you are interested in creating or revamping a new email marketing campaign, then contact Marketing RELEVANCE to make your marketing program to be more effective today.