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Staying Relevant – Marketing Relevance Launches New Podcast Series

Announcing the launch of our new podcast series, Staying Relevant, covering all things marketing. With new guests each week, across all industries and different types of companies, Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant Podcast will become must listen to content for marketers who want to remain current in today’s environment.

Starting today, February 10, 2020 with the release of the first of five episodes our host and President of Marketing Relevance, Mitch Levinson, covers topics ranging from B2B and B2C companies, individuals starting up their own ventures, and how each of them can stay relevant within their industries. The Staying Relevant podcast is designed to help you with tips on how to build your reputation, how to generate more leads and sales, strategies on delivering an effective brand message, and more. Here is a snapshot of the five episodes being released today.

Gary Kreuz from Minuteman Press, has an impressive reputation. The printing franchise boasts over 1,000 stores globally and 700 in America. Entrepreneur labeled Minuteman as the number one rated printed and marketing service in 2019. They have earned that title 28 times overall and 16 consecutive years in a row. The experienced team at Minuteman Press in Barrington, Illinois help clients produce exactly the material they need to market their brand.

Merle Kalisky, Area Director of Business Network International, more commonly referred to as BNI – is a business referral organization that gets you connected with people who have expertise in the area you are seeking. BNI prides itself not only on referrals, but also building meaningful, long-term relationships – which is really what networking is all about. BNI’s target market is both businesses, and anyone who is looking to grow their business at all.

Sandra Gentry, Bankers Life Insurance Company, is one person who will always go that extra mile. Insurance and retirement are the company’s areas of expertise. With the target market of Bankers being clients from ages 50-85, a marketing challenge the company faces is how to reach their clients. To combat this challenge, Bankers provides tremendous support by sending literature about the company to people’s homes and also providing clients with personalized help.

Audrey Wancket, owner of Audrey Wancket Studios is a professional photographer with a keen eye for style and execution. Clients who wish to have a portrait taken can expect a museum style and quality in the final result. Taking a portrait can be daunting, but the end result is something that can last you and your family a lifetime to remember generations past.

Brian DeKind, founder of DeKind Computer Consulting, proudly commits to the slogan “Determined, Dedicated, Dependable, DeKind.” Their determination, dedication, and dependability are of high importance considering the level of importance of IT in businesses. They understand the importance of troubleshooting due to the widespread knowledge base among DeKind team members. Issues that the company frequently solves range from fixing to budget to planning to replacing. One of the benefits of their versatility is that they are able to do a lot of remote work, but are also able to come in on site and help solve issues in person.

Stay tuned each Monday at 10am for a new Staying Relevant podcast episodes to be released. Subscribe to our podcast and you will be guaranteed to not miss an episode! Want to become a guest on our show? Just fill out this form and we will be in contact with you.