Staying Relevant Podcast: Dave LoSavio from Packaging Hero

Welcome to episode 17 of Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant Podcast. In this episode Mitch Levinson, Marketing Relevance President, speaks at length with Dave LoSavio, Vice President of Sales at Packaging Hero, about what makes for a positive client to business relationship. Dave feels that in order to have this type of relationship it is essential to be a better listener than a responder. Breaking it down even further, Dave says that sales requires 70 percent listening and 30 percent responding. Being a good salesperson means listening to the client responding to their needs.  

Through his years of being in sales, Dave relies on word of mouth from various networking. Dave provides Mitch with some insight into how Dave feels that communicating with his target market is extremely important to improving the process of his business of their package line and distribution house. Dave reveals to Mitch how his clients are really the heroes in his line of work since they are the ones that keep his industry going. 

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