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Staying Relevant Podcast with Mutual of Omaha Loan Officer

Welcome to episode 14 of Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant Podcast. In this episode Mitch Levinson, President of Marketing Relevance, speaks with Katie Rohm of Mutual of Omaha Mortgage. Katie explains to Mitch the importance of being a trusted advisor for her clients and helping with the ins and outs of real estate and closing on their home. The majority of her clients are first time homebuyers, so Katie works closely with them to make sure she is able to help resolve any unforeseen issues.

During the Staying Relevant podcast, Mitch discusses with Katie the struggles that inevitably come with starting a new business. Katie gives tips on how she is able to effectively capture leads and promote her brand, which is her own name. Being able to partner with real estate agents has helped her get new clients through referrals from past and current clients, family and friends. If you are managing your own business, this podcast is a must listen to in order to learn how to promote your brand and incorporate social media into the mix. 

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