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Stop Underutilizing SEO

SEOAre you fully using all of SEO’s capabilities?

Some companies do not use SEO, or search engine optimization, to its fullest potential. For instance, according to a MediaPost article, a recent Forrester Research study found that some brands “miss opportunities to tap into search engine optimization in all states of the purchase funnel.”

While SEO is a good tool to spread awareness and generate leads, it can do so much more!

You should also be using SEO to support cultivating leads to sales status, helping sales in moving prospects through the sales process, retaining customers and cross-selling services. If you start thinking like your customers that are searching for goods and services, it will be easier to add this type of support to your SEO plan.

You can also use SEO more effectively by linking more appropriately. According to a Covario study, brands have a lot to learn when it comes to link building.

“Linking is still very difficult,” said Arnel Leyva, Covario director of product marketing. “You can automate just so much, and the rest is based on relationship building.”

The better you understand your customers and their searching habits, the better your links will be. Customers are more likely to click on what you want them to when you use appropriate links.

Therefore, stop underutilizing SEO and start using all of its capabilities. By using SEO for more than just spreading awareness and generating leads, your sales can grow!

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