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The BAD Words of Marketing

Bad words of marketingGrowing up in the South, my Mama taught me about bad words. You know the ones that would get your mouth washed out with soap or cause you to write over and over and over on a piece of paper, “I will never say $%&# again” until your hand practically falls off your arm. We are bombarded with bad words everyday from the TV to the Radio to the conversation with your best friend about how mad she is over the problem du jour. We have all heard these words and choose to use them, or not.

So, what about the bad words of marketing? I’ve slowly been introduced to these words throughout my public relations career. The advent of social media and the Internet has caused me to see these bad words more clearly. In order to keep history from repeating itself, I share the bad words of marketing with you in hopes that you won’t use them. Your mother may not wash your mouth out with soap, but your competitors may call you out online for all to see. While these words may seem innocent, please proceed with caution if you feel compelled to use them in your marketing, public relations, advertising, Web site, social media, etc.

First – Before your company claims to be the first to come to market with a product or service, do your homework. Make 100% sure that you can substantiate your claim.

Only – Similar to first, if your company is going to claim that they have the only product or service that does X,Y or Z, you need to make sure that you have proof.

Never – I like to say that Never is a long time. While not as pesky and troublesome as the first two words, be aware that making statements that are absolutes can backfire in many ways.

Always -I like to say that Always goes well with Never. How can you be sure? Always be careful with this word.

Absolute – Just when you think First, Only, Never and Always are bad enough, you can make them even WORSE by adding adjectives like absolute. If you are going to claim to have launched the Absolute First program, service or product, You’d better be absolutely sure. . . .Are you?

mRELEVANCE is absolutely sure that we’d like to help you with your online presence. Please contact me to let me know how we can help! 770-383-3360.

I’m sure that there are many more bad words of marketing. We always like your comments and as long as they aren’t spam I will include them. I never include spam! Please share your favorite bad words of marketing and feel free to share this post on Facebook or Twitter as well.

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