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The Battle of the Social Video: Instagram vs. Vine

instagram-vs-vine-copy-300x147If you like to experiment with new social media sites, you have probably downloaded Vine to your mobile phone by now. If you keep up with the latest social media news, you have heard of Vine, the six second video tool from Twitter. Well now this super short, micro video site has competition! Instagram recently unveiled the ability to create 15 second videos on their app.

Instagram is a photo sharing site that allows users to filter photos and upload them to a network of friends, family and followers. The new Instagram video capabilities differ from Vine in a few key ways.

  • Instagram videos have a much longer running time of 15 seconds compared to Vine’s six second limit. Of course, neither six nor 15 seconds is very long compared to the videos that are uploaded to YouTube!

  • 13 different filters are available for Instagram videos. The ability to filter images has long been one of the app’s most attractive features.
  • Users will also find a video-stabilizing feature called Cinema to help transform their video from amateuresque into professional quality.
  • Instagram is backed by 130 million monthly users where as Vine has closer to 13 million users.


Now that you know the differences in the two sites, which one should you choose to promote your brand? The answer, it depends.

Several brands have jumped on the Vine bandwagon quickly, using their six seconds to show off their products, fans and more to a smaller, intimate audience. One of the best examples I’ve seen is Lowe’s Home Improvement’s series of “how to” videos. Instagram, on the other hand, offers longer videos and has a longer history and track record in the social media space. Several name brands, including Nike, Ben and Jerry’s and Starbucks, have been using the site for quite some time. Because of this, it is likely many brands will opt to use the more popular of the two apps. Instagram may have an advantage when it comes to a longer video length and a larger user base; however, their videos do lack the “looping” quality that many users of Vine love.

No matter which app you choose to go with, here are some cool video ideas:

  • Creatively show off various aspects of your product by stringing together a string of clips
  • Post videos of your fans using your product
  • Post videos of a typical day in the office for your company
  • Produce short how-tos related to your industry
  • Create Vine or Instagram specific ad campaigns

Have a cool Instagram or Vine video you’d like to share? Post it to the app of your choice using the hashtag #mRELEVANCE.

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