The Digital Marketing Roundtable

Dreamland InteractiveRecently Todd Schnick, CEO of Dreamland and Intrepid, sat down with four digital marketing strategists on his podcast series ‘Marketing from the Streets.’ Marketing RELEVANCE’s own Carol Morgan was a part of this group and added a great deal of industry knowledge to the conversation. Other members of the discussion included Charity Hisle of Socially Engaged Marketing, Jonathan Saar of The Training Factor and James Ball of TrustWorkz.

While on the topic of social media, Carol pointed out that businesses who engage in social media need to understand the concept of ‘content marketing’ because those who do not could be at a real disadvantage with customers in today’s content-saturated world.

The thought behind content marketing is to give a business’ target audience meaningful content about the products or services that business offers. This allows customers to become intelligent consumers, which can gain a business brand confidence from the consumer, and potentially create a loyal customer base.

However, the substance of the information marketers provide should never be pitching or selling anything to the customer; only valuable, useful information should be provided about products or services.

During this discussion, Carol mentioned that many businesses fail to understand this concept of content marketing versus traditional pitching, while others are simply providing bad content. Both of these mistakes can result in negative results for any company.

Carol suggests that businesses should create a marketing strategy and produce good content. They can begin by starting a blog and creating social media pages for their company. However, she warns that it is important for companies to learn what is and is not appropriate for social media pages. Timeliness for responses to all social media (even automated content) should also be monitored. After all, there’s no point in creating a successful following online if comments and questions from customers are going to be left hanging in the black-hole of cyberspace.

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